Access documents on demand in salesforce environment.

At just 999$ per company annually.
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Do you face storage constraints in your salesforce environment?
Doculink is the best In relatively linking documents through out the salesforce environment.

Frequent issues faced during
accessing files in salesforce
  • Additional investment on storage
  • Upload documents at every object seperately.
  • Document access constraints

Without Doculink
With Doculink
Access an instance of the invoices in other objects

Our Solution
Saves storage space in drive
Flexibility and control of access to documents in salesforce.

Take away features
Link the 1-n files for multiple objects at a time.
Works two ways for Parent-child file link
DocuLink log object to capture processing errors
User based controlling in relations between files
Custom setting-based control of logs .
Easy control or setup of metadata to link objects for file uploads.
Links the same file to multiple object cords without using extra storage.

Get access to all documents for the entire company at $999 annually
How much do you pay for storage space in the salesforce environment?