Digital Assurance as a service

Kolvan’s software testing services evolved over time from a discrete test resources augmentation for different testing skill sets based on the requirements, into a complete packaged digital assurance service.

Kolvan’s approach to software testing is based on principle of making manual testing redundant as early as possible. Especially all regression testing from the 2nd cycle of testing onwards, shall be automated is the key principle of Kolvan’s test approach. Having said that, every step taken right from the test strategy development is to kill the manual testing by automating the same, at the earliest possible in the testing life cycle.

Kolvan’s Digital Assurance services are depicted in the below diagram.

While the actual list of services are driven by the Business requirements, Program requirements, Solution technology and platform along with the testing objectives, below is an indicative list of services under each category of services.

Test Program and Process consulting – services include providing test strategy development, test planning, Test process maturity assessment etc.

Functional testing – includes System, Integration, User Acceptance testing and any other functional types of testing.

Non-Functional testing – services include Performance testing, Stress / Load / Endurance testing, Security testing, Disaster Recovery Testing etc

Test Automation – includes the automation of Functional testing, by adopting appropriate automation framework model (Linear or Tabular, Key word driven, Data driven or Hybrid).